The celebration of Easter Day begins this year with a low mass at 8:00am (Nursery Provided).  This is a said service (Rite I) with no incense or hymns.
At 9:30am, people begin gathering for the flowering of the Cross.  All individuals and families are invited and encouraged to bring bunches of flowers from garden and home, (some people will wrap them in wet paper towels or other means to keep them moist) and then place them in the ‘chicken wire’ on the cross. The Flowering cross springs from an old pious tradition that holds the Cross Jesus was crucified upon was a Dogwood tree, and that it began to flower upon Our Lord’s resurrection- symbolizing life coming from death and Christ’s victory over the grave. We usually take a parish photo with the Cross around 10:15 and then move it into the Nave. The flowering cross is a great place to take your families Easter photo as well.  The gathering around the cross is also always a lot of fun.
At  9:45am we hold our traditional Easter Egg hunt.  This is a sight to behold!  Each year we hide around 1,000 eggs and then at the appointed time, the children burst forth from the parish house and run roughshod over the grounds.  It is a heartwarming sight, and you are guaranteed to laugh at the antic of our children.   The Easter Egg hunt ends with an informal ‘tea’ given by the ladies of the parish.
At 10:15am, our program of Easter music begins in the Nave, with joy filled and radiant music offered in thanksgiving for our Salvation.
The 10:30 mass begin with the blessing of the flowering cross, and then explodes into solemn and joy filled praise and thanksgiving.  The music is always exquisite and not to be missed.  The service is Saint John’s at her finest.  We are going to be sending out formal invitations to join in the celebration, so if you know someone you would like to invite to Church, pick up an invitation in the back of the Nave.

Schedule for Easter Day

  • 8:00 Low Mass Rite I (No Insense)
  • 9:30 Flowering of the cross begins
  • 9:30 Easter Egg Hunt on Parish lawn with tea to follow
  • 10:15 Special Music Begins
  • 10:30 High Solemn Mass

A nursery will be provided throughout the entire morning
At the 10:30 service incense will be used, to help those who may have issues, the side windows will be opened in the back portion of the Nave to help with ventilation.

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