Altar Guild

The St. John’s Altar Guild is the ministry of preparing the sanctuary for worship. The Altar Guild is under the direction of the Rector, and, because of the high privilege of serving in God’s sanctuary, membership is approved by the Rector and extended through the Altar Guild Mistress.  The work of the Guild is done largely “behind the scenes” by members who are faithfully on duty at the Altar year round. The duties of the Guild involve the preparation of the sanctuary and chapel for Mass on Sundays, holy days, festival days, and special occasions including weddings and funerals. Altar Guild members provide “set-up” and “clean-up” for services and are assigned to a mutually agreeable duty schedule. The Altar Guild also cares for the linens and vessels used in the Eucharist, as well as brass furnishings, altar frontals, vestments, and other liturgical garments. If you are a member of St. John’s Parish and are interested in this important ministry or would like further information, please contact the Rector at the church office (601.428.7252) or Mistress of the Altar Guild, Jennifer Myrick.
To download our Altar Guild manual click on the image of Saint Martha, the patron saint of Altar Guild workers.