The Bible In a Year

What does the Bible say about life, about who we are, about who God is, and about how we are to decide how to live our lives?  The answers to these questions are often confused by what other people claim the Bible says.  They often pick and choose one or two verses and claim that the answer to a question can be found.  But the Bible itself says that “All scripture is inspired by God …” (2 Tim. 3.16).  What if we take this verse at its word, and look at all scripture?  That’s where The Bible Challenge comes in.  In taking The Bible Challenge you can read all of the Bible in one year.

The Bible Challenge is the project of an ecumenical group, The Center for Biblical Studies, .  At St. John’s you can begin the challenge at any time.  The readings link Read the Bible in a Year Updated ( provides the schedule for the year, but anyone who wants to take the challenge can follow the schedule starting on any day defined as Day One, Week One.  For each week readings for six days are provided, with reading time being about 45 minutes a day.  The seventh day participants can listen to Scripture in church worship services.

St. John’s will provide printed versions of the schedule to those who don’t have good internet access.  St. John’s is also providing weekly study guides on our own parish website, and printed study guides (for a schedule that began on Lent 1) are available at the back of the church.  In addition, for every week a 20—30 minutes video is provided on the parish YouTube channel, and on the parish Facebook page.  In this video Fr. Karl will walk you through what you will encounter in the week that follows.

Study God’s word so that they can live God’s word.  The more you know about the Bible, the more you know about who God is and what His will is for you.