Lector’s Guild

The St. John’s Lector’s Guild exists to fulfill the rubric at page 322 of the Book of Common Prayer that at celebrations of the Holy Eucharist, “lay persons appointed by the celebrant should normally be assigned the reading of the Lessons which precede the Gospel.” The Lectors’ Guild is composed of approximately 40 persons who have been selected and trained to read the Lessons at the Sunday Masses, at Evensong, on major Feast Days and other occasions. Lectors are assigned to read the Lessons on a rotating basis and are expected to do so clearly and with dignity and to be able to project their voices throughout the church with minimal amplification. Recruitment and qualification sessions for persons seeking to become lectors are held annually, and refresher training sessions for those already serving as lectors are held as needed. If you are interested in participating in this important ministry, you may contact Pat Myers by email at.
Resources for St. John’s Lectors