Men’s Night Out

The men of the parish gather quarterly to share a meal…usually they eat steak with wonderful side dishes.  The evening begins in the parking lot of the parish grilling out the meat, catching up with one another, telling stories and generally having a good time…once the meat is cooked the men move inside and share a meal together…with more catching up, talking about politics, the weather, hunting and fishing, but mostly just enjoying a men’s night out with the guys.  After dinner there is more of the same…with some of the guys moving into the youth parlor watching sports and others calling it a night.  The Men’s Night Out is above all else a chance for the men of the parish to get together and relax, unwind and enjoy each others company.  Men’s Night out is meant for all the men of the parish, whether you have come to mass only once, or whether you have been here 80 years.  You are also encouraged to invite a friend.