Thanks be to God for the work of the 2011 Honduras Medical Mission~
We want to first thank everyone for their prayers last week while we were out of the country. Secondly, we want to report the work completed by our team. The team suffered from a few things out of our control: we went through two buses before our third one that actually worked, causing us not to be able to go out to the other villages and pick up folks for two and a half days; we also had rain from Saturday through Wednesday which inhibited many “walk-ins” from nearby villages; lastly, we had power outages on two days for extended periods of time, one for twenty-four hours, that limited our ability to provide dental sealant machines and miscellaneous medical equipment. Even through all this, we preserved and served the wonderful village people. Our detailed report follows~
MEDICAL CLINIC –1661 patients, 39 procedures, 36 diabetic counselings and 9 glucometer readings.
PHARMACY — 1776 patients, 8402 prescriptions filled.
DENTAL CLINIC — 367 patients, 1016 teeth extracted
SEALANT CLINIC — 367 patients, 1474 teeth sealed
VETERINARY CLINIC — 518 horses, 628 cows, 154 dogs and 6 “other” animals…I know one was some sort of large pet rodent, like FIFTEEN pounds large.
EYE CLINIC — 400 patients, 473 pair of glasses disbursed.
CLERGY REPORT — 2 Eucharist, 7 services, 2 Baptisms, and 1 Marriage Blessing. SUPPORT REPORT– 4 buildings re-wired, 4 showers repaired, 1 toilet plumbed, 4 bunk beds erected, 1 new freezer, New Vet Clinic established with temporary power and water.
Again, thank you for their prayers, we felt every one. Jane Hayes and George Jackson

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