Liturgical Workshop August 17th

Liturgical Workshop August 17th
Want to give more to the service of God and the people of this parish on Sunday morning?  Want to serve as a lector, usher or acolyte?  Want to serve on the Altar Guild?  Already serve and want improve your skills?  Want to deepen your prayer life or learn more about ways to support this parish?  Then the Liturgical Workshop is for you!!!
On Saturday morning, August 17th, we will begin the day at 8:15 with registration, breakfast, and a bit of social time.  Then at 9:00am our first of three class periods will begin.
We have some really talented faculty, some new and some returning.
·      Mr. Ronnie Miller will take lectors, new and seasoned, through a presentation on how to effectively prepare to read both by understanding more fully what you are reading and tips for preparing the lesson to effectively read.
·      Mr. Troy Scott will offer a laboratory on diction and effective public speaking.  His aim will be to coach the lectors to help them have a commanding presence and an effective and captivating delivery.  His coaching will not only help with public reading in Church, but in your day-to-day life.
·      Mr. Troy Scott will also offer an introduction into the life and ministry of the parish choir.  We are making great efforts to increase involvement in the parish choir and Troy is very excited to teach and help any in the parish that wish to offer themselves to this vital ministry.  During the morning Troy will answer questions, explain the ministry of music and show any sceptics how easy it is to join in with our choir.
·      Mr. Geof Galaher will lead a class that will train new ushers, bring attention to some of the usher responsibilities for those who serve already and hopefully bring all of those whose serve into a more uniform pattern of service.  As our Sunday services evolve and change, it is important that we meet as a group and discuss the changes in the duties and expectations.
·      The acolytes will receive a special treat in that Andrew McLarty, verger at Saint Andrew’s Cathedral, will be joining us, working with Fr. Jeff.  The acolytes will be broken up into two groups and spend time learning how to move and carry crosses and torches gracefully and effectively, as well as receive a refresher on their duties.
·      For those who want to deepen their life of prayer and knowledge of Anglican traditions and the Book of Common Prayer, the Rev. Deacon James Henry LeBatard will be joining us from the Mississippi coast.  Deacon James Henry is an engaging and captivating speaker with a deep faith and rich knowledge of our traditions- his classes are not to be missed!
·      Mrs. Kay Reich, (yes- she is Fr. Jeff’s dear and kind mother) will join us to teach the spirituality of serving the Altar Guild.  During the morning she will talk about what it means to care for God’s holy things as well as give tips and advice she has learned over the years.  Kay brings with her years decades of faithful service in several pairshes, as well as the knowledge and experience of many Altar Guild conventions, workshops and continuing education.  Kay has a special love of serving the altar and always has many good thoughts, observations and ideas to make service and ministry in the Altar Guild a rewarding and meaningful experience.
We have a wonderful day planned that will be both fun and informative.  Many people are giving a good deal of time to make this an outstanding day.  Please do your part by supporting this day and working to be the best servant of the Lord you can. It is important that people sign up so we can provide class space and food.  Sign up below to join into the fun and learning. Be the best churchman you can be!  Help Saint Johns be the best parish she can be!


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