Sponsor Youth Mission Trip 2011

The Youth of this parish have been hard at work and at play. We are already making plans for this academic year’s mission trip. We hope to travel to the Ozark Mountains to help improve an extremely impoverished area by painting, building, ministering to the youth in that community, and other needs that might arise. Our fund raising drive for this year is going to be a little different than last year when we unleashed the flamingo’s on Laurel.

This year we are asking anyone who is interested in supporting us to sponsor the group as it undertakes local social ministries. The idea is to pledge a certain dollar amount for every hour of local service ministry the youth group completes. Right now we have 13 youth committed to go on this year’s mission trip and we hope to accomplish a total of twenty-five hours of local service ministry. That is a total of 325 hours.

$.05/hr= $16.25 total dollars
$.10/hr= $32.50 total dollars
$.25/hr= $81.25 total dollars
$.50/hr= $162.50 total dollars
$1.00/hr= $325.00 total dollars
$5.00/hr= $1,625.00 total dollars
$10.00/hr=$3,250.00 total dollars

You may pledge any amount of money, this just gives you some idea of what to expect if you choose to support the youth group and every member reaches the goal of 25 service hours. As a further act of Christian piety, devotion and service, our youth group is going to offer one half of the raised money to a local need, ministry, or charitable cause. Please help us raise money for our mission trip that will help so many in an extremely impoverished area but also here in our own community.