On Sunday, August 28th, Saint John’s will celebrate our annual Youth Sunday.  On this day, our Youth Group will take over many of the responsibilities of our education and worship.


The adult Sunday School, which is normally led by Fr. Jeff and Christy Liverett  will be youth led, which will provide a new and unique perspective to the class.


The youth, working with the choir, will craft and help the music at the 10:30 liturgy, they did an outstanding job last year and we should all be looking forward to seeing what they have to offer this year.


The sermon for the day will also be offered from the ranks of the youth group.  We have some very intelligent, dedicated and creative youth that always provide insightful and meaningful reflection on the Christian life.


And finally, the youth will take over the duties of ushering, serving the altar and all of the other ministries that make our worship so special.


Please mark your calendars and make every effort to attend what no doubt will be a rewarding and significant Sunday.

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