11 thoughts on “Turning to the Lord- a Sermon for the Third Sunday after the Epiphany 2014”

  1. Oct03 yep total james dean! What to go stud….ladykiller for sure! Dont be a chicken to ask for the phone numbers and make your friend do it. This is what happened to your dad at least for a while anyway.

  2. And then, following years of attending children’s Masses where children are taught to interrupt and interfere with the action on the altar, they then attend Life Teen Masses!

  3. szerint:Szia Zsókica! Jó ilyen tapasztalatot is olvasni, s örülök, hogy nem adtad fel! Ha betartod a szabályokat, akkor jönnek az eredmények is Természetesen örömmel várom a kenyérreceptedet is.

  4. It isn’t a mystery at all, Duffers. The Taylor Inquiry quite firmly established that the behaviour of the crowd had little to do with it, other than arriving late at the ground. And even a large amount of that was attributed to roadworks on the motorway. What Taylor did find was poor ground design, inadequate stewarding, shocking policing decisions, and a stupid failure to delay the kick off.But don’t let the facts ruin your stupidity.

  5. …And notice how the anon doesn't address the fact the event it tried to portray as an Obama rally was an event honoring civil rights participants attended by Hillary and Bill Clinton. Guess they're NBPP members too huh? Did the liberal media miss that too?————–Yes, the liberal establishment always covers for Democrats.Shame on all of them for cozying up to the NBPP.Time to throw these racists out of power.

  6. De Investionen werden erst kommen, wenn endliche die Rahmenbedingungen wie für den Datenschutz festgelegt sind und damit Investionsschutz besteht.Es ist zu hoffen, das die Versorger auf die Erfahrungen der telco’s zurückgreifen, wenn es um variable Tarifgestaltung geht.

  7. I love these old family photos, Tricia. The innocence of childhood comes through. You did a great job restoring them..That is so nice that your grandparents lived in the same house for all those years.P.S. I also feel old now. Oh well, I'm still here.

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