We have all been heartbroken by the recent storms that ripped through MS, AL, and GA…and many have asked how they can help. The first effort of this parish is to try and get immediate and essential items to the areas most affected by this weeks tornadoes. So, today 4/28 through Sunday 5/1 the parish will be collecting essential items to take to communities in need. From our inquiries and research we have found these items to be the most demanded: Bottled water, snacks, individual boxes or bottles of juice, baby items (diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, blankets, etc), Tarps (to cover and shelter scattered and exposed belongings), and those other items that you may deem or understand to be immediate needs. After mass this Sunday (5/1) we will deliver them to shelters. For this purpose, the church office will be open Friday and Saturday for you to drop off your donations, and as always the Nave (sanctuary) is open 24/7 so items may be left in the back of the Church after hours.  A friend of the parish, Mrs. Lisa Cochran, owner of The Studio in Hattiesburg, has opened her doors for people in Hattiesburg to drop off donations as well, these items will be brought to our parish on Sunday and shipped with our collected items. If you would like more information call Elizabeth Higginbotham 601-342-9272 or email the parish office@stjohnslaurel.com.

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