The Fall Picnic scheduled for this Sunday, September 28th is cancelled. There is an 80% chance of inclement weather for the day- and with those odds, it is in everyone’s best interest rethink this Sunday.
This Sunday, the schedule is as follows:

8:00am: low mass
9:30am Adult Sunday School meeting but the children’s classes will not meet. An appropriate video for Sunday school aged children will be shown for those adults with children wanting to come to adult Sunday School, or for children who might want to watch an awesome video about the faith.
10:30am: Mass with choir
4:00pm: Confirmation Class in Parish Hall
6:00pm: E.Y.C.

A tip of the biretta and a resounding Huzzah! to Linda & Billy Howard for hosting the picnic and for their flexibility when the weather turned against us. A tremendous effort goes into our parish picnic, and with that effort we see first hand Billy & Linda’s love for the parish family- so thank you Billy and Linda!! For those who love the parish picnic, never fear- plans are in the work for our normal Spring Picnic in 2015.

Thank you all for your understanding and flexibility- see you all around the parish.

God bless

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