Prayers for safety and security go out to all effected by Hurricane Isaac this morning.  It appears our community has been spared the brunt of the storm, as I write this morning, I do not know the extent of the damage to other communities, but pray that Isaac was a non-event for them as well.  If need arises, the parish is ready to get to work assisting those communities in need.  Please pray for all in harm’s way and those who place themselves in jeopardy to keep others safe and secure.

Today is the feast of the Beheading of John the Baptist.  Today we remember his heavenly birthday- unfortunately John the Baptist did not gently fall asleep in the Lord… rather he was martyred for his love, obedience and witness to the truth of God.  And his martyrdom came about in a reckless, careless and hedonistic manner.  The wife of Herod, King of Israel, wanted John dead for condemning their marriage (Herodias was Herod’s niece and half-brothers wife) so when her daughter, Salome, danced for the King, he promised her anything she wanted- and in conversation with her mother, she declared she desired the head of John the Baptist on a plate… which was granted.  Saint John ended his earthly life being made a centerpiece for a royal party of a hate-filled queen and a cowardly king.  The truth of God is a powerful thing indeed- it can save even the most hardened hopeless and lost of souls- and at the same time it can instill a hatred in the unbeliever that is almost unthinkable.  We are blessed and fortunate to live in a land where this type of violence is not allowed… but we should never forget that throughout the world each and every day- in places like India & Pakistan, Egypt and Syria, different countries in Africa, and even in China- the scene we remember today is a reality for those who profess the truth of God.  If we do nothing else, let us hold our brothers and sisters in prayer who live in places where belief can cost them their lives.

Your servant in Christ,

sacerdos vero indignus


On the Feast of the Beheading of John the Baptist MMXII

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