A blessed feast of Saint Nicodemus to all:
It has been a hot few days in Laurel, but that hasn’t slowed us down around the parish.  We have been cleaning all the nooks & crannies, waxing the floors, and getting the parish ship-shape for Fall.
We buried Calvin Holifield on Monday, beloved husband of Gene.  It was a very nice service and I had the opportunity to officiate with Dr. Randy Turner- which was a pleasure.  Thanks to all who helped care for and support Gene and her family.  May his rest be in peace and may God cause his memory to be eternal.
The youth group had a wonderful and exciting trip.  They helped care for the housing for an elderly gentleman, explored the Ozark Mountains, journeyed closer to God and bonded with one another.  They were exhausted when they returned…but to a person, were smiling and laughing.  Don’t forget to thank Rick and Catharine and Melanie who gave a week to our youth.


I am very pleased to announce that Mr. Troy Scott has accepted the post as interim Choirmaster/Organist.  Troy is from our own ranks, having been a member here for over thirty years.  Troy holds a Bachelor of Music Degree in Pipe Organ Performance, and a Master of Music Degree in Pipe Organ Performance, both with added emphasis in choral music and arranging, both from the University of Alabama.  Troy has served as Organist/Choirmaster at Saint Johns, Pascagoula and the Cathedral-Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Mobile, Alabama- playing up to nineteen masses a week!  While serving at the Cathedral, Troy helped start Pipe Organ Specialties, an international organ building and maintenance company, which he serves as vice-president to this day. When you next see Troy, be sure to thank him and welcome him aboard.


With school starting back up soon I hope we will see more people at mass on Sunday’s.  These past two weeks have seen the lowest attendance of the year- so, don’t forget to come to church on Sunday!


For the second time this year we find ourselves lacking the money to make payroll and pay our utility bills.  Please remember that this parish operates almost entirely from the faithful giving of her members- without timely giving, we have serious trouble operating.  As of today, we are over $16,000 behind in pledged giving for the year.  Please remember to render unto God your first-fruits, and make your life an oblation to the Lord, always remembering Saint John’s.
Take the time to read through the rest of the Notes from Patmos…and don’t forget to sign up for the Liturgical Workshop.
God bless

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