I pray you are all well and keeping your devotions. There have been a lot of people keeping very busy around the parish these last few weeks getting ready for Empty Bowls (a few tickets remain, see article below). A lot of hard work has gone into this ministry- and we stand to raise $9,000 for the poor and hungry of Jones County. Thanks to all who have helped, and to all who bought tickets.

The Chapel floor is finished, and I must say the Chapel looks Heavenly! It is a much needed and marked improvement- it is now a room fitting for worship and important events in our common life. A huge debt of gratitude and thanks goes out to the family that made this possible- a big ole tip O the Berretta!

You may have noticed something missing from the Church on Sunday. The Sanctuary Lamp (the big pretty lamp that hangs from the ceiling near the Sanctuary), through a freak accident, fell to its death last Friday. Many of you remarked how you missed it and enjoyed it being in the Church, so fear not, we are in the process of gathering money and should have a new one installed before Easter (God willing). There really is never a dull moment around the parish!

On other fronts, we are continuing on with our Lenten Mission. We are still offering Morning Prayer each weekday morning at 7:30- so keep coming out, or if you haven’t yet, give it a try, your day and your soul will be better for having done so.

Our Wednesday nights have been poorly attended compared to past years, (although we have seven children in the first communion classes this time) and so I want to make sure everyone is aware of the routine. We have broken up the evening into three sections. So you may pick and choose what you wish to attend. Stations of the Cross is at 5:30pm. If you cannot make the Stations of the Cross, you are still more than welcomed (in fact encouraged) to attend the parish dinner at 6:15pm. And if you are having a late evening at work and can only come to the teaching that begins at 6:40, by all means come only to that. If you haven’t come yet, we are having some really great discussions with N.T. Wright’s series, Surprised by Hope. We have learned a great deal, and have been given some wonderful things to think about.

This Sunday is Rose Sunday, or Mothering Sunday, and so the Purple Vestments will be ‘bleached’ and the color of the day will be Rose. This reminds of that we are halfway through Lent, and is also a bit of a break from Lent. In England, this Sunday is Mother’s Day, so be sure to wish the English Mothers a happy Mother’s Day!

Please take a few minutes to read through the rest of the Notes…and perhaps we will see you tonight!

In Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior,

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