Saint John’s has a long standing tradition of creating Poinsettia trees at the altar for Christmastide, as well as making liberal use of festive flowers throughout the Nave.  The Poinsettias are donated by the faithful in thanksgiving or memory of a person(s) or an event.  During Christmastide the parish includes a listing of these memorials/thanksgivings in the bulletin .   If you wish to offer a Poinsettia for Christmas, please record your memorial/thanksgiving on the bulletin board in the Sacristy Hallway or enter it in the form below .  Then  mail, stop by the parish office, or place an earmarked check or cash in the offering plate.  You may donate a Poinsettia by using Paypal (no account needed) and your Credit Card by clicking on the Paypal button below the form and following the instructions (if you do not have an account, look in the bottom left-hand quarter of the screen for instructions on using your credit card). Suggested donation for a Poinsettia is $15.

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