We are coming up on Back to Church Sunday very quickly.  On Sunday, Sept. 11th, we will have our Fall kick-off with a breakfast starting at 8:45 and a return to our full Fall programming.  Sunday school starts back in earnest with full classes for our kids and Christy Liverett’s adult class, which will be looking at the formation of Christian faith and belief using the Apostles Creed.  Back to Church Sunday is designed to invite someone ‘back to church’.  So think about people you know who have fallen out of the habit of Church going…maybe it has just been over the summer…maybe it has been a few years…this is the Sunday to ask them back.

Back to Church Sunday is special for another reason- on this Sunday we will unveil our new and improved Nursery complete with educational programing.  Last year we offered a Children’s Chapel for our youngest members.  This year we are trying something a bit different.  We are going to have Children’s chapel in the nursery with prayers and activities that mirror our ‘Big Church’.  This programming is designed for preschoolers, so those who are 1st grade older are asked to attend ‘Big Church’ if at all possible.  If you have and questions or concerns, please let me know so we can provide the best possible experience for our faithful.

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