What to expect

If you are visiting our parish for the first time and have never visited any other Episcopal Churches, you might find something much different than you have ever experienced.

We are generally a more ‘formal’ church, and you will see everything from Bowties to Blue-jeans, leggings to dresses…and everything in-between.

When you walk in the door for the first time before services, you will most likely find it to be silent, with very little hushed conversation.  One of our ushers will greet you quietly, hand you a bulletin, and ask if you need any help finding a seat. We are accustomed to using the time before the service for private prayers and intentions.  So, you should find most people either in prayer or reflection and allowing others to do the same.  When you find your seat, you are welcomed and encouraged to do the same.

Our service is an ancient and formal ritual, dating to the 70’s AD and might seem a bit foreign to some so we have designed our bulletins to help you through our service.  You will find instructions as to when to stand, when to sit and when to kneel, and you are invited to participate as fully as you are comfortable.

After the service, the atmosphere changes greatly, and you are most likely to have many different people coming up and introducing themselves and greeting you.  If you want more information about the parish, be sure to introduce yourself to the priest, who will be standing at the back doors of the church greeting people as they leave.

There are two services on Sunday morning at Saint John’s Episcopal Church for you to choose from.

The first service is at 8:00am and is in traditional language, using language like that of the King James Bible.  The service is all said, with no hymns or music.  The general feel of the service is one of reflection and quiet.  Generally the attendance at the service is around 30 persons, so in that, it feels a bit more private because of the empty pews (our church sits 290). This service usually lasts about 45 minutes.  For your convenience there is a nursery provided for this service.

Our Christian education program begins at 9:30am.  We offer a continental breakfast of pastries and coffee.  There is Sunday morning Christian education for all ages.  The children’s classes meet downstairs, and any of our parishioners can show you and your children the way.  Upstairs, we have High School and adult classes.

Our 10:00am service is the main service of Sunday.  This service is well attended and therefore not private or individual feeling like our 8:00 service. Contemporary language is used for this service, and it makes use of music.  In fact, we have one of the best choirs around, and generally our music is from the sacred choral tradition, so it is not uncommon to hear Mozart, Bach and other great composers from throughout the ages.  There are hymns sung by the congregation, choral anthems by the choir and much of the service is chanted- which is an ancient form of worship carried through to modern day.