Every Wednesday night during Lent, the parish will gather together for devotion, fellowship and education.
Beginning at 5:30pm, Stations of the Cross will be offered in the main church.  Stations of the Cross is an ancient devotion that follows Jesus from His arrest to His being placed in the tomb.  Originally, the Stations of the Cross was a pilgrimage around Churches in Rome that emulated the actual road our Lord took to His passion and death in Jerusalem.
Mounted to the walls in the sanctuary and ambulatory (the hallway outside the pews) Saint John’s has mounted ‘Stations’.
In a reflective formal mini pilgrimage, we will join in with Christians throughout the world walking the way of Jesus’ passion as well.  The reflections are from scripture, with an additional refection by an individual- we use the reflections of John Henry Newman, Saint Ambrose and one more contemporary reflection that are rotated each week.
During the Stations of the Cross, Father Jeff will be teaching First Communion Classes in the Chapel.
At 6:00pm, we gather for our parish dinner.  The meals are catered and generally will be soup & salad.
During the meal, we converse with one another, catch up on the stories of the day and enjoy the company of one another.
Following the dinner, we will have a brief period of education.  This year, we are going high-tech!  We will watch a DVD series entitled “Surprised by Hope”, which is based on a book by N.T. Wright, Bishop of Durham, England.  Bishop Wright is perhaps the world’s leading Biblical scholar, embraced by most all Christians, from the Baptists to the Roman Catholics.
The DVD is a series of 15 minute clips starring Bishop Wright, wherein he talks about Salvation and eternity.  After watching the clips, each table will have a brief period of small group conversation followed by a large group wrap up.  I am very excited to give this a try and I hope you all will make Wednesday nights a priority during Lent.

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