Children’s Sunday School

Our K/3 – K/5 class, led by Wendy Herring, Maranda McLaughlin, and Katie Sullivan uses The Gospel Light curriculum in this class offering bright, colorful Bible and life-related activities for class time, colorful posters and flannel figures that excite and engage the children and Bible take-home pages the helps bring Bible learning home during the week and encourages quality family life.

Our 1st – 3rd grade class, led by Heath Ginn, Elizabeth Mulloy and Pam Oglesby, uses The Gospel Light curriculum as well offering Bible stories, Bible Learning Activities and life application.  Colorful, engaging story and activity cards for class time fit along with the Bible story; and Family FunTime take home pages bring Bible learning home during the week and encourages quality family time.

Our 4th – 6th grade class is led by Lee Cline and in alternating years, either prepares students for the sacrament of Confirmation or takes an in depth look at one of the Gospel Books, giving the students a working knowledge of the Christian faith and a breadth of understanding of the Gospel books.

Seventh through twelfth grade students led by Lisa Chancellor and Melanie Follis and explores the New Testament Epistles while discussing life application of the lessons and tenants of our faith.

Each week, whether we are sharing a Bible story from the Old or New Testament, our teachers show our children how all of the Bible lead us to Jesus.  Because nothing is more important than a child’s relationship with Jesus.